Commercial and Residential Roofing Contractor
Commercial and Residential Roofing Contractor
Commercial and Residential Roofing Contractor
Commercial and Residential Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor Located in Windsor serving Windsor and surrounding areas

Roof Repairs in Windsor, LaSalle and Essex

Mother Nature’s elements in the form of wind, rain and sleet, along with regular aging and inevitable wear and tear will take their toll on the roof of your commercial or residential property. Regular roof inspections from a licensed roof inspector can save you money on roof repairs in the long run. Nationwide Roofing & Renovations is a certified roofing repair contractor offering a range of roof services to repair everything from a leaky roof to complete roof restoration. Consult with our roofing specialists for a range of options to that protect the structural integrity of your home or business and restore peace of mind.

Licensed Roof Inspections

The roofing experts at Nationwide Roofing & Renovations provide professional roof assessments that identify the source of roof problems found in each roof component including the roof deck, shingles, soffit, flashing, eavestroughs, eaves troughs, siding and nails and caulking too. Don’t wait until you are dealing with a leaky roof or worse before calling a roofing specialist. Check for these warning signs and call Nationwide Roofing & Renovations for immediate assistance.

Roof Repair Warning Signs

  • Shingles that are curling and buckling: Worn out shingles can be traced to missing nails on the roof deck and make your roof vulnerable to water infiltration and moisture problems.
  • Shingle granules in the eavestroughs: Your shingles are beginning to disintegrate which can lead to decay of the roof deck.
  • Cracking and/or loosening of material around chimney and pipes.
  • Soft or springy texture in the roof valley signaling rotting wood due to moisture damage.
  • Dark streaks on the roofing material that may signal algae and require a professional roof cleaning.

Roof Repair Specialists

Damage to the roof of your home or business may not seem as straightforward as a missing shingle or dried out caulking. Nationwide Roofing & Renovations roofing specialists go beneath the surface of a roof problem which may derive from to poor ventilation in the attic or lack of proper insulation that has caused shingles to deteriorate more quickly. Nationwide Roofing & Renovations provides in-depth and qualified roof restoration expertise that lengthens the life of your roofing system and helps to avoid premature roof replacement.

The Most Common Roof Problem

Leaking Piping

Water stains on walls or the celling in the bathroom in particular, often signal that a pipe flange is leaking and require prompt attention.

Leaking Chimney

If you spot watermarks near the chimney the flashing surrounding the chimney is overdue for repairs and must be sealed and rendered watertight.

Interior leaks

Leaks where the roof meets the wall are usually an indication of a problem with the base flashings and will requires removal and replacement as well as flashing repair.

Leaky Skylights

Older model skylights may have to be entirely replaced while a newer model may require basic repairs only. Contact a Nationwide Roofing & Renovations roofing expert for a free estimate.

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A Quick Response from Your Roofing Contractors

Dealing with roofing damage is not always something that can wait, which is why we pride ourselves on our prompt service. When you reach us in need of emergency roof repair, you can rest assured that we will arrive quickly and with everything we need to get the job done right. Get back to your normal routine as soon as possible with our reliable roofing repair. 

24-Hour Roofing Repairs

If you have encountered a roofing problem in the middle of the night, Nationwide Roofing & Renovations is always just a phone call away. We make sure that we are always ready to respond immediately to every call that comes in, so you never have to suffer through the night with your roofing troubles. 

Premium Roofing Materials

One of the ways that we are able to provide high-quality work with all of our roofing repairs is through our use of sturdy building materials. We have built relationships with trusted suppliers, so all of our roofing is guaranteed to perform perfectly and provide you with a long-lasting resolution to the problems you are facing. Make a smart investment in your property by calling us today.

Roofing Contractors with Attention to Detail

When we arrive at your property, we make sure that we do not leave until we are positive that we have totally fixed your problem. We will carefully inspect your entire roofing system to ensure that we see the full picture and then decide on the best way to repair it. We will also double-check all of our work afterward so that nothing is overlooked, so you never have anything to worry about.

A Well-Established Roof Company

With over two decades of quality roofing services under our belts, Nationwide Roofing & Renovations is an easy choice for all of your roofing maintenance and repairs. We have worked hard to establish a strong reputation in the local area, and we have been honored to establish many loyal customers. Find out why so many people trust us with their roofs by hiring us for your next job. 

Affordable Roof Leak Repair

Encountering roofing troubles could result in unexpected expenses, but you can minimize the financial impact by hiring our budget-friendly roofers. We have always strived to operate with integrity, including our commitment to providing our services at honest and fair prices. You never have to be concerned with inflated rates or surprise fees with us. 

Free Estimates on Roofing Repair

As part of our effort to provide our clients with affordable and worry-free roofing repairs, we are happy to offer no-obligation estimates on all of our repairs. Once we have an understanding of the work you need, our knowledgeable contractors will gladly provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision about choosing us as your roofers.

Speak with a Roofing Expert

Get your roof back to perfect condition by calling us today at (519) 890-7663. We look forward to showing you the benefits of our superior roofing. 


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